History in the making

About tap truck

From a crazy idea to reality. The tap truck mobile bar saga continues in Texas
History in the making

About tap truck

From a crazy idea to reality. The tap truck mobile bar saga continues in Texas

How We roll

Tap Truck of Texas hits the pavement in January 2023. Our vintage 1934 Ford Truck has been completely restored into a stunning mobile bar that adds a touch of class to any event.

Our Truck

The Cowtown Queen is our restored 1934 Ford Pickup truck. We handpicked her from a friend’s barn, where she’d been hibernating, along with a 1938 Willy’s 3 window Coupe, and 1931 Ford Tudor Sedan. When we decided that we were going to be a part of the Tap Truck Family, we thought of the 1934 truck that had been resting in Grandpa George’s barn in South Fort Worth.  George was a lover of classic cars, a machinist at Lockheed and a bit of a tinker. We hope to make him proud by putting this beauty back in action.

Our Story: Paul and Marla Steeves

What happens when a former combat marine, from New Hampshire, and a former teacher, a native Texan, find love during COVID?  Besides being grateful we found each other in a very difficult time, we indulged in everything in historic Cowtown that we could! Breweries serving local beer, sipped on distinctive cocktails, enjoyed freshly brewed coffee in coffee shops, went to a variety of restaurants (probably too much of this), and engaged in great conversation with people (never too much of this).

During that time span, we observed people persevering through this challenging time by enjoying moments with friends, making new friends, and being loved ones.  Many of these moments often included an assortment of libations, some including alcohol and some not. Seeing people gathering and the joy it brought them to connect, led us to want to provide a venue for people to meet, celebrate, and enjoy time with one another.  However, we didn’t want to be tied down to brick and mortar with a coffee shop or a bar, so Tap Truck Fort Worth was the perfect answer to allowing us to pursue our dream.

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We Work With You To Bring Your Mobile Bar Vision to Life, Stress Free.

We are committed to providing you with the most memorable experience your event is missing!

We roll up to your event with a classic truck and serve the absolute best craft beer, cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages Texas has to offer…right out of the side of it!

There’s no place too classy and none too casual. From 50 guests to 2500, you invite ‘em, we’ll serve ‘em!


Your final quote will depend on  your event, headcount and type of beverage. Cowtown Queen includes a custom built bar, custom menu, 2 TAP-tenders, general and liquor liability, cups and ice are included in your custom quote.

Truck Rental

Truck rental is per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Your truck rental fee will depend on type of event.

Reserve your mobile bar!

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Phone: (817) 775-5006
Email: taptruckfortworth@gmail.com
Location: Fort Worth, TX